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    House Demolition

    Demolishing is the fastest process of the construction phase though it might seem a little discerning to see your place being destroyed. It can be demolishing one part of the place or whole building. It is possible that the demolition process will get complicated if there is no clear strategy in place. There are a few things that needs to be considered before proceeding with the demolition as given below:

    1. Demolition Methods:

    There are different types of demolition methods like mechanical demolition method, deconstruction or a combination of both. 

    Mechanical demolition is the most common demolition method that involves hydraulic excavators and other heavy machinery. This method is cost-efficient as compared to the others.

    Deconstruction method involves manual demolition of the house and takes longer to complete. As it is a manual method, it costs more. However, you can reuse the parts of the building such as light fixtures, doors, tubs, sinks, copper pipes, etc.

    You need to carefully choose the method considering its advantages and disadvantages.

    2. Choosing the Demolition Company

    It is important to hire a licensed and insured demolition company as they will inspect the site and present possible solutions rather than beginning the demolition straight away. They will undertake the appropriate procedures if the site contains any hazardous chemicals such as asbestos and lead paint. Best1 Demolition is a fully licensed and insured Australian business and has a reputation in adhering to the time-frame of the project.

    3. Legal compliance

    Demolition of a building requires permission from the local authorities that may vary from council to council. Thus, it is important to be aware of those laws and have a plan to accommodate the same in the demolition process. The rules may include those related to the timings allowed for demolition, noise, removal of debris, etc. Asset protection procedures for trees, footpaths, pits, drains, etc needs to be followed. The local council will also require documents for the approval of the demolition of the property. Best1 Demolition is aware of the permit process and will guide through every step of the process.

    4. Disconnection of services

    The installed services including gas, electricity, water, drainage at the property needs to be disconnected. The disconnection will enable you to prevent any accidents for the demolition team , the neighbours and the supply of the services in the surrounding environment.

    5. Informing the neighbours

    The noise and the dust from the demolition will cause inconvenience to your neighbours. Informing them ahead of time will enable them to take the appropriate precautions according to their daily routines.

    6. Salvageable Materials

    Work with the demolition company to identify any salvageable materials that were reused later in the construction. This saves you money and time on new material purchases as well as demolition charges.

    The demolition process is often an expensive and complicated procedure. Make a plan and consider the required information before beginning the demolition process. Best1 Demolition is a comprehensive service that will assist you in every stage. We have the best price and there are no hidden fees. 

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